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Don't Trust Digital Phones

As a customer of Patriot Fire & Security, Inc., your safety and security is important to us.


Our priority is to make sure we provide you with the best safety and security for your family or business. We understand that everyone looks into ways to save money. We are always looking into the newest technology that is being offered for security and fire alarms.

Digital phones for alarms

(Don’t Trust Them!)

In the past several years major communications companies such as Spectrum, AT&T, etc. have been offering Internet based phone services: Digital phones, VoIP, etc.


Rather than a standard phone line, this service relies on your modem. While the price for this service sounds good to buyers, we recommend a traditional land-line or a cellular communicator. We have listed some examples of why we recommend these over the VoIP services bundle.


The cellular communicator has a quicker response time. You don’t have to worry about the phone line being cut by someone trying to break in, you don’t have the cost of having a landline as it’s like your cell phone, and it has wireless digital transmission to communicate with the alarm monitoring system. Some offer features, such as the ability to arm and disarm your security system with a cell phone.

Landlines seize control of phone line and get the signal through clearly to the central station. Monitoring connected to a traditional phone line can work during power outages by power from the phone company.

Reasons why we don’t recommend VoIP service

for your alarm system…


If there is a power outage your signal may be impacted by it. If there is a network outage by your provider it could interrupt the alarm service. Even though the phone line may sound clear, when the service signals get turned into digital data they get sent through the Internet and can get garbled and the signal may not get through properly to the central station.


If communications happen to fail at the most critical time, such as during an actual alarm event, it can result in a huge financial loss for this subscriber, or it can result in injury or loss of life because of a lack of response.


The service appears to be unstable. We have some customers that have no problem with VoIP. But there are others that have no problem for a while until something changes and then the problems arise. Some have changed to VoIP and it just doesn’t work from the beginning.

Don’t trust your safety to a bad connection. Call us for a price on a cellular communicator before switching, or keep your standard telephone landline.

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